Things It Might Come in Handy to Know About Me:

1. I am a rather silly human.

2. I'm a slash fanboy. I started reading yaoi when I was about 12 and never really stopped. My interests have changed somewhat since then - from solely anime to TV (in the main), movie, and book fandoms. I love hearing about how people got into fandom and fanfiction and so on - feel free to tell me about your journey into slash and/or fandom.

I mostly read and write boyslash, but bits of girlslash and het may crop up as well. I'm rather fond of bisexual threesomes when they're done right. I like gen too (poor gen, so oft forgotten and left out overnight and gone moldy!) and enjoy humor and crack!fic.

3. I adore David Hewlett. Also David Tennant. And many other things, but they are among the very top.

4. The way my brain works. You can call it ADD if you like. Basically, my mind skips from one thing to another very quickly, or alternately, sometimes I find it impossible to pull my attention away from something that I am working on (aka hyperfocusing.) I cope pretty well with it and often actually enjoy it, but it can also be a pain in the ass.

5. Speaking of ass. I liberally sprinkle my speech with curse words. I try not to, but sometimes you really just need to fucking say them. And that's it goddamnit. If this really bothers you, let me know and I'll try to keep it to a minimum. I also use lolcat speech sometimes and too many parentheses. (Best to get this out in the open now, yes?)

5.5. I'm big with the TMI. I talk about my sexual orientation, my kinks, and my real-life fantasies and sex life fairly frankly. If it's about me and it's explicit, it goes behind a cut (and is generally f-locked.) I haven't gone to a filter yet but if seeing those bothers you, let me know and I will make one. I have a filter now for my own comfort. Let me know if you want on/off it.

6. I love puns and stupid jokes. Tell me a bad joke and I'll be yours for life. Not that serious is unwelcome, but humor is what keeps me breathing.

7. Today is not tomorrow. What I am really into right now may not be what I'm madly in love with tomorrow or in a few weeks or months. I may get ranty over something political, for example, or find a new fandom, and because my brain overfocuses on things, that's all you'll hear about for a while. (Though I do tend to be multifannish and slut around from fandom to fandom.)

Sometimes I also get completely obsessed with something and then it passes after a few days, leaving me with half-done projects which I grow slowly and deeply to hate. This is why I try to accomplish as much as possible while I am excited about something.

8. Friending/defriending amnesty forever.

My flist is my daily (or weekly sometimes) skimming reading list. I may still read your journal even if you're not on it. Some folks I just like to read in the comfort of their own journal (I'm also this way about communities.)

Friend and defriend at will. If you add me, a comment as to why is nice but not necessary. I will probably come snoop around your journal eventually. (I don't lock fic or even most of my personal posts, but let me know if you want on the flist and I will probably oblige.)

I generally assume similar policies apply for others, unless you stipulate to the contrary. Sometimes if I'm feeling particularly shy or busy, I won't comment to explain why I've friended you. I'll comment eventually, but you can assume it's because I think your journal is an interesting read, we have fandoms or other interests in common, or I think I might want to get to know you better. You can also assume that I am a neurotic freak and you won't be far wrong.

9. I love long, rambly comments. I love fluffy, meaningless comments. I wouldn't say I'm a comment-whore but basically, I love talking to people. I love commenting on posts that were written two or three or more years ago and getting into a conversation with the original poster or someone else. That is fucking fun, okay. No comment too stupid or short or long or rambly or late; it's all good. That said, I sometimes just don't get around to replying to comments because I'm (a) too busy or (b) too neurotic. And I generally assume the same of others.

10. This is my fandom journal. If you think you know me in real life, please keep it quiet. I'm not ashamed of my fannish activities, but I like my privacy and have chosen to keep separate my RL and my fannish life.

11. Feel free to ask questions. And laugh at me.

This is retroactively dated. Actually written 11/05/07. Updated 2/29/08.
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From: [identity profile]

Hey~yo, just commenting to ask how-come you friended me? I mean, you seem pretty cool, I'll probably friend you back ^.^ but, we don't share comms and I don't write in SGA so ~ I might've missed you replying to a comment somewhere, which, yeah, lj hasn't been sending notifications recently.

From: [identity profile]

Hmm, I think I got to your journal via [ profile] betas4hire. Anyway, it looked interesting and I also really liked your mission-101 list (I get excited about lists, hehe.) Haven't commented on anything yet though! Sorry if the random friending seemed strange.
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From: [identity profile]

s'fine ~ I'm just a bit of a lurker, thus the fail of replying here, and thus don't often get friended from fic or whichever. Which. Yay, new friend! ^.^

From: [identity profile]

heyhey :D
just have to say aiden/russell?
i agree, where the hell is my being human rps.
that is all...

(as a warning, i may leave comments like this that have no purpose...sorry...i procrastinate a lot and this is a good way to do it)

From: [identity profile]

Thank you! Yes! You'd think with History Boys there would at least be something for Russell, but there's nothing. :'(

No worries - go right ahead, gives me something to fill the empty hours with. ;-)

From: [identity profile]

Hey, I usually get embarrassed by doing this kind of thing but do you mind if I friend you? It's just I'm the author of the PolyBigBang TGWTG fanfic that you're doing art for and I thought I might as well. :)

From: [identity profile]

Of course, sure! As you probably noticed, I don't really know the fandom yet but I am willing to learn! Any recommendations of where to start - well, the website obviously, but any favorite eps? I'd like to get a grasp of the basic before I read your story. :-)

From: [identity profile]

Oh, so much to choose from. ;) I would say that Tom and Jerry ( is a pretty good introduction to the Nostalgia Critic (and Follow That Bird ( is awesomely cute), likewise the Top 10 Disturbing and Inescapable Christmas Songs ( for the Nostalgia Chick (Labyrinth ( is also pretty good for her and will introduce you to Nella). The ending of Street Fighter 2010 ( is great for Dr. Insano and whole review is good for Spoony. Also, Episode 39 ( perfect for introducing Ask That Guy. For crossovers, the whole Critic/Angry Video Game Nerd fued can be pretty much found in this canon slashvid retrospective ( set to "Ghost Love Score" and Ferngully ( is good for the Chick/Critic dynamic. The reviews ( for Countdown ( are also good ( for crossovers and Linkara. Lastly, the Brawl ( introduce everyone else and more than a few injokes. Hope that helped and hope you enjoyed. :D
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From: [personal profile] chagrined

Hello! I subscribed b/c I liked your fic and then looked at your journal and saw lots of posts about trans stuff and was like, "yay more trans ppl!" So, hello. No need to subscribe back obvsly, but if you do I will add you to my access filter. Cheers.


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