Dear Ship Swap Author/Artist,

Thank you for signing up for one of these rare ships! I hope you will have fun with whatever you make for me. I love all of these ships SO MUCH and I am incredibly stoked to see more of them. I've tried to give a general idea of what I love about each pairing and a few prompts, but please take as much or as little from that as you are comfortable with. If your sense of the ship is completely different, then go with that -- I am easily swayed. :D

A note on threesomes/poly ships: I don't have anything in particular in mind, but if you are inspired to create something along those lines, I will almost certainly be into it. If you want to check first, feel free to drop an anon comment or email the shipswap mod. I love OT3+ dynamics! The only thing I would probably rather not see is two women making out solely for the entertainment/pleasure of a male character. Also, unrelated background pairings are usually not interesting to me.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Chloe/June Colburn

asdlfkjalksd I love them so much! Anything about June and Chloe and their crazy adventures and terrible life choices would be amazing and awesome. Seriously, anything. I love James, but if he is involved I would prefer him to have a cameo role. Other characters (Mark, Robin, June's mom, Luther, etc.) are also welcome.

A few ideas:
- a normal day in June's life that goes terribly wrong (as usual)
- 5 times someone walked in on June and Chloe gettin' it on
- Chloe attempting to woo June somehow translates into a campaign of terror
- some kind of genre (noir, space, superhero, etc.) AU
- road trips! apocalypses! (in other words, all the tropey goodness)
- exploring kinks together! June surprises Chloe with how she's less innocent than she looks, or Chloe wants to try out a bizarre toy, or they wind up in some ridiculous but sexy situation.

Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen

This is really my favorite Hunger Games ship, though I also like Katniss/Peeta and other pairings too. It's so messed up and wrong given the mentor relationship and all the things that Haymitch keeps from Katniss, but I feel like they really *get* each other in a way that no one else does.

Things I want in Haymitch/Katniss fic:
- trying to help and comfort each other (even though they act like they don't care on the surface)
- taking out their pain on each other
- angry/angsty sex, figuring emotions out later
- Katniss initiating sex or being the more aggressive one (and generally Katniss exploring her sexuality is A+)
- Katniss using Haymitch as an outlet for her frustration/rage/sorrow during the tour in Catching Fire
- canon-divergent AUs ("what if X had happened differently?")
- Haymitch backing Katniss up/being on her side
- no easy happy endings (i.e. things stay messed up or change slowly)
- totally okay with a poly, messy relationships, or infidelity if you want to go there
- also would be happy to read non-pairing fic that focuses on their canon friendship/mentorship

Skins (UK)
Franky Fitzgerald/Mini McGuinness

Awww, their little FACES! Skins S5 was the first series of Skins I watched and I maaay have imprinted on Franky just a little. I love how dapper she is, how she stands up for herself, that she really can't be any other way. I was a bit "eh" about Mini at first but she grew on me and I was completely rooting for her by the end and her crush on Franky was SO OBVIOUS. :D They are just adorable. They're both so strong-willed and different but I feel like they complement each other really well.

Feel free to pretend S6 never happened if you want. Or fill in the missing pieces so it makes more sense! 

A few ideas:
- First time/get together fic please!
- (S5) Mini slowly realizing why Franky gets under her skin so much.
- (series 6) Mini confronting Franky about how much she's changed.
- They meet again years later and figure out who they are now.
- Franky getting Mini to play and be silly or do something weird.
- Tropes I like: sleepovers, road trips, dressing up, making art, crazy pranks, silliness, late night confessions, making out/having sex while high, sex with clothes still on, sex in public, falling in love accidentally, misunderstandings, friends with benefits, being brave, choosing each other, coming out, finding your "people", growing up, social media, epistolary fic.
- Art prompts: Mini letting Franky dress her up, one of them falling asleep against the other, something colorful or in an outdoors setting? (Porny art is also wonderful if you feel up to it!)
- If you want to go more of a gen route, friendship/frenemy fic would be lovely too!
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