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( Aug. 19th, 2006 04:32 pm)
I just watched Scanners II. I highly recommend it. If you don't mind that it will make your BRAIN EXPLODE!

Seriously, if I never see another exploding brain in my life... that would still be too many. Also, the movie seems to equate homosexuality with homocide. This guy's trying to make his internal organs pop out through his skin while saying stuff like "I'm going to suck you dry, pretty boy." And the evil police guy is all "I want him..." Odd, very odd. It made my slashy-brain hurt (but I guess that's par for the course.)

However David Hewlett is delectable as always and even makes GODAWFUL HORRIBLE TERRIBLE dialogue somewhat tolerant (given that I actually watched the entire thing without fast-forwarding... much.)
So I mentioned the slashiness of Boa vs. Python, right? Well, here's the proof. Under the cut... )
Also, I uploaded a short (~1 min) clip of a speed-reading contest between Amanda Tapping and David Hewlett: 8.7MB avi.
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( Jun. 30th, 2006 12:00 am)
Okay, question: How many movies can we count where David Hewlett plays a character named David?

So far, I've got Cube (David Worth) and Scanners. Any others?
I just caught the very end of Darklight. No Hewlett. :-( But tomorrow I am absolutely watching Boa vs. Python. And then I can write the Brandon/Emmett fic that's been swishing around in my head. I watched a bit of House last night... I can definitely see the appeal. Smart, snarky, slightly bitter men - sounds familiar. ;-)

Today is New Icon Day! I so wish I had more than 6. I get bored with them so fast. Perhaps I will get myself an account for my birthday (only six months away!) Anyway. Not really much going on. I've been trying to pack up because I'm going down to Boston on Monday to find a place to sublet for the summer (I'm taking a summer course there.) Any Bostonians reading this? I'd really like to hang out with some other SGA fans sometime and that seems much more likely to happen in a city like Boston. At this point the only other person I know in RL who watches it is a friend I got addicted to it introduced to it.

"Immanentize the eschaton" means basically, make the end of the world happen everywhere. It's a chaos magick catch-phrase. People often think it's "imminentize the eschaton" - make the eschaton happen now - but apparently that's not it. I've been interested in chaos magick for a while (i.e about since I was 13) but I only recently started reading about it again, sort of as an antidote to a big Wiccan text I picked up. I'm so not Wiccan. I'm not even sure I like ritual magick, but at least with chaos magick, there's some reason to it. For a non-organized religion, Wicca sure seems to require a lot of blind faith. Or maybe that's just how you're supposed to start out. Like the way they try to teach you math in elementary school.

ETA: OMG, I just took a look at the flist and there's something like THREE new SGA RPS stories! *is in heaven special hell*
I think I may have just had the strangest dinner of my life, in that it (a) was consumed at 12:30 am, and (b) consisted of fried eggs and pickles.

Today I've been thinking a bit about LJ "friendslists" and how to manage them, after reading isiscolo's take on hers. It can a somewhat fraught subject - the whole popularity issue, "friending" and "defriending" and so on. Something I've noticed about myself is that I don't really like reading my flist page. Perhaps it's that I've got too much on there, so it just feels overwhelming. But part of it is also that I like to see posts within the context of someone's (or a community's) whole journal. Though the flist can be convenient for keeping up with someone's life... I guess I'm of two minds about it.

I watched Donnie Darko for the first time today. Very cool movie. I didn't quite get it at first I think, not in the way that the makers intended it (to be about a divine intervention.) I kept thinking that Roberta Sparrow and Frank were somehow the same person. I thought for a bit that maybe Frank was a woman, because of the scene in the theater when they're watching "Evil Dead" - the long hair and the voice confused me. I thought perhaps Frank was an Sparrow when she was younger, who had time-travelled forward.

On a completely different note, I was watching some David Hewlett clips I downloaded - one of which was Darklight, which, yum, has shirtless DH in it. Anyway, I noticed that he had a little mole on the left side of his chest (closer to his side really) and also one on the back of his neck. I've been desperately wanting to write Joe/David RPS lately - but see, I'll start writing and then I'm like, wait, I know almost NOTHING about Joe or David, how does this work? But see, now I know that DH has a mole on his chest and really what else do I need? /sarcasm


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