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( Jan. 12th, 2009 10:18 am)
So, I'm back... to some extent anyway. Hi!

(Uh. For some reason, this is completely terrifying. Like reintroducing myself to high school friends or something... Okay, not quite that terrifying. But I'm going to have forgotten people's names and stuff 'cause I'm TERRIBLE with names. Please forgive me!)

So, um, let's see. Last fall was my last semester of college. I directed a play and wrote a bunch of stuff. It went surprisingly well. I've discovered that I am a kinetic learner and it was great to be able to do something so hands-on. I'm actually not quite done yet - I still have some writing and stuff to do but I will graduate this spring. I'm (nominally) looking for a job now.

A. (the boy) is still working at the library but his new boss sucks monkey ball wrapped in bacon so he's thinking about quitting. We've been talking about whether moving to northern Vermont or Boston in the sometime future might be a good idea. And the boy has been talking about applying to Oxford in a few years time!

On August 20 2008, the sweetest, most wonderful cat in the world died. Gink was with us for about 9 months and I think that he was really happy during that time. I was away for most of that spring and he was the boy's sole companion then, so it was especially hard on him. I'm not usually a very sappy person, but I do think that Gink was an exceptional being. We used to joke that he was an alien investigating life on earth, because sometimes he just didn't act like a cat. He never bit or scratched and he loved to be cuddled and picked up. In the end, he got sick - we don't know with what but he had jaundice and stopped eating. We took him to the vet but he died a week later. I had to leave the next day to co-lead an orientation trip for a week (which went very well) but we mourned him together when I got back. And strangely on the same night (while I was on this trip) A. and I both had a dream about an orange cat.

In October we got two new cats from the Humane Society. They are silly, crazy beasts -- Caruso is about two and he gets into everything (including the toilet if you don't put the lid down) and Badger who is five or six and is a lady lapcat. Caruso is an orange tabby and Badger is a grey, orange, black and white torbie.

Sorry, that's a lot about cats but they are pretty central to my life. Hmm. What else. I'm learning how to knit and I'm going to try to make a knitted doll (yes I am ambitious!) I made a tiny red hat for it yesterday.

On the fandom front, I'm already getting back into stuff now that I have some time. I read and commented on a lot of Yuletide fics this year (I was one of the top ten non-writer commentors for about one day! Hehe!) And my birthday present from A. this year was going to see "Equus" in NYC. We went on December 29th and it was very cool. I saw Harry Potter naked! *cough* More importantly, I am now a big Richard Griffiths fan. We drove back to Vermont on New Year's Day and had surprise tall, dark-haired visitors (good luck!)

Surprise, surprise, I'm getting sucked into Merlin fandom. (Oh god! it's like the new SGA...) I had watched the pilot last fall with A. and we agreed "this is worse than the BBC Robin Hood!" The anachronisms are rife (tomatoes, corn, people sticking their goddamn swords in the ground all the time, to name a few.) But I can't resist a burdgeoning fandom that includes so many of my favorite writers... so now I've watched all the eps and I've got a couple fics started and vid ideas and... shit, it's embarrassing. Happily, this has also interested me in the real King Arthur story. Last week I read Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia (the Arthurian passages and the story of Brutus establishing Britain) which was *hilarious* and now I'm listening to a recording of Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur. It's fun. :-) If anyone wants to recommend me some good modern Arthurian retellings, that'd be sweet.

Yup, so that's me in a nutshell long rambly post. What's new with you guys?
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( Nov. 25th, 2007 02:03 am)
The other night I had a dream that was kind of like a mixture of Stargate Atlantis, Interview with a Vampire, and Neverwhere (or Stardust). I wrote this in a half-awake state:

cut for length )


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