THAT is how you do it! (source: Coachella account by Amanda Palmer.) Also, eee parasols!

This is a must-see. It's an Argentinean commercial which includes a transgender woman and a message of tolerance. I literally cannot imagine seeing this on TV in my country. The end - "you have a life, you have a bank"* - made me tear up. (Kinda discriminates against the undead though, doesn't it?) ETA: I forgot to say, my favorite part is the guy's wife waving from the car. She's so cute!
*Though I realize now that's just their slogan! Oh god, I'm so pathetic.
So, [ profile] thejumpcut was inspired by the music video for Birthday Girl (by the Roots w/ Patrick Stump) to write this delicious story where Patrick Stump meets Sasha Grey. It will set your panties/boxers* on fire. Go read it here:

Featuring by [ profile] thejumpcut

In honor of this undiluted awesomeness, I've uploaded some lesbian bdsm pr0n, featuring Miss Grey, naturally, which is linked in a friends-locked entry. If you're not on my flist, you can leave your email address (will be screened) and I'll send you the link. My apologies if this makes anyone uncomfortable and please let me know (anonymous is okay) and I'll put this behind a cut, at least.

*I don't even want to imagine what would happen if you're going commando. :-O
So, LJ Elections. This Jameth guy is apparently in fandom (of some sort) and a furry. So why is there all this fandom-bashing from his supporters? I don't get it. I've voted for the "fandom candidates" who are in the lead and who have been recommended as competent people with integrity, without doing a ton of research myself (no time) but it makes me uncomfortable to see this kind of divisiveness between fandom and non-fandom folk, or between different sections of fandom. And seriously, ONTD, you think you're less weird than Harry Potter nerds? Seriously?

Second question: can you/should you vote as many times as you can (i.e. one vote for each account you have) in the elections? Is that what's expected?

Finally, on a happy note! The masturbation sentence-a-thon keeps on giving: Travis, Sunday, Greta, shower, Pete, fursuit (yay finally!!), Gabe, dildo. ETA: more Gabe + dildo! (Plus, full listing.) In semi-response to the third (which you should read, even if you think fursuit sex is weird, it's so gorgeous) I wrote this, which is not as amazing but makes me happy:
Patrick, fursuit )
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( May. 24th, 2008 01:21 am)
I wrote totally awesome Bob Bryar masturbation porn WHAT?! for that sentence-a-thon. So random! It's Bob/Gerard fyi

ETA: O HAI Ronon Dex! Not as happy with this one but whatever.
So I signed up to do a fanmix for [ profile] bandombigbang for story #52 and I finished reading it yesterday. I don't know if I'm supposed to say this but OMG IT IS AMAZING! I can't believe I got so lucky! This fic is like all my bandom dreams come true. I just want to hug whoever wrote!

...Except for the end! MY HEART, IT IS BROKEN!!! Hey author of #52, what gives? Is there going to be a sequel? Please, please tell me there's going to be a sequel? Or are you planning to add more and just DIDN'T TELL ME??

Okay, I'm totally just kidding, it ends realistically, not tied up all neat, and I like that. It really is an amazing story, in no small part because of how true to the characters it stays. I hope my fanmix can... well, it's never going to do it justice, but I hope it will show in some small way how much I love this story.

P.S. Claiming for fanmixes is still open.


In other news, I've trying to find some of my beloved stories on Nifty that I read a long time ago. I think I'm going to do a post about them over on my sadly neglected community at some point. I love how reliable Nifty is in terms of stuff not disappearing even years later. Though it's not the easiest archive to navigate. Every story is a crapshoot over whether it's going to be any good or not. Probably one of the main reasons I switched to slash. ;-)

Oh yeah, that subject line doesn't sound dirty now or anything does it?
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( May. 1st, 2008 09:47 pm)
So, [ profile] gigantic did an amazing picspam of Disashi (of Gym Class Heroes.) Go see the slashiness and the hotness (new beard!!!) and utter cuteness of him and his girlfriend. Yay! I love when bandom gives me stuff I've been wishing for.

Disashi interview transcript )
Title: CPR Is Easy
Author: kaizoku
Wordcount: 448
Rating: PG if that (for sexual innuendo... and violence?)
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not purport to describe actual lives or relationships.
Notes: Written for the IJ Porn Battle. It's not actually porny AT ALL. It's also short like hot pants. (And my first posted bandslash. Oh no!)

CPR Is Easy )
I downloaded like... 20 cds worth of music tonight. *music hangover* And then I went and saw La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) which is lovely and heartbreaking and bilingual and you should all go see it at the theater if you can.

*Looking at bandom picspam* I'm really glad that people like and are interested in the girlfriends of the bandboys. But it bothers me when the justification for not hating one of them is "she makes him happy." I see this ALL OVER. I get where it's coming from, because yeah, of course your first allegiance was to the person in the band. But I don't like the implication that she's just there to make the boy happy, that that is her function. And it raises the question -- if they break up and she's not making him happy anymore, are you going to go back to hating her? I don't think most (sane) people would actually do that, but that's what we're setting ourselves up for here.

I have a longer rant about how white boy fandom feels like it's all-pervasive and how frustrated I'm getting with that but I'll spare you all for now.
Ah guys I just started reading [ profile] adellyna's new Patrick/Nick Scimeca fic and decided I needed visuals of Nick Scimeca (all these associated people, they confuse me.) Anwyay, on his blog (which has a pic of him, yay) he has a post about how he April Fooled Travis. He IMed me all sad and mad and that I was serious about kicking him out of the band and I was like ”dude…April Fools” Haha. Poor Travis.

News: Pregnant Man on Oprah. Yes, he is trans. Easy on the eyes too. The coverage is not too bad but wow, this could get big. I mean, this could draw a lot of attention to FTMs that we don't usually get. Whee.

Their doctor: "Thomas has been off testosterone for two years before even trying to conceive. His testosterone levels are normal. Some physical changes are permanent, but his hormone levels are normal. People ask 'is the baby going to be normal?' The baby is totally healthy."

OMG, I love the neighbor: "I was under the impression that Nancy was pregnant. I often see Thomas out and about cutting grass. Thomas told us it was he that was pregnant. I was surprised. It's not Nancy? It's Thomas. I have to get my head around this."

Dude, the kid is going to be fine. She'll have a mom and a dad* and people will assume that the mother gave birth to her, it's a total non-issue as far as I can see. *Not that having two moms or two dads is bad, obviously.

Edit: Thomas Beatie's story in The Advocate
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 11:55 am)
I was just over in the Nanosystems building and noticed a sign in the hallway:

"These halls carry sound too efficiently. Please keep the amplitude of noises low."

Yes, I will do my best to decrease of height of any sound waves I produce!

So, I've been wondering why pretty much all of bandom uses the | symbol nonstop... and then in writing this post, I found out that actually that is how Firefox run on a Mac displays ♥ (, the heart symbol.) There's a fix here (scroll down) but the problem with it is that you have to force all pages to display your chosen fonts to get it to work. So, you have hearts but everything else looks shitty.

If, however, you enclose the heart symbol code in "tt" tags (for typewriter text) like this - <tt>&hearts;</tt> (ETA: but without "amp" in there - it shouldn't be showing up. That's annoying) - anyone will be able to see it.

Though personally, I've gotten kind of fond of the | symbol.

... as in, Pete | Patrick

I think we should all start using it. It looks neat, it's easier to type, and there's a certain stupid fandom-ish pleasure to it. (I also could go off on a tangent here about how it is really cool because the vertical bar aka pipe is used in computing to symbolize inter-process communication, i.e. feeding your output back in as input... *cough* computer programmers, please forgive me...)

It's like the OTHER slash.... only instead of a slash, it's a pipe, which just means (for example) "Pete loves Patrick." (By the way, don't you love how I slipped the Pete/Patrick thing in all subtle-like?)

The pipe/vertical bar ( | ) does not, however, display exactly like the &hearts; symbol does... If you're not using a mac, it looks a little more like this (only slightly thicker):
│ (vs. | )
(Q for windows users: does that first line appear as a broken line for you?)
But sadly, the only way to get that symbol that I can find is to use the ascii code ALT 179, which it seems I can't do on my laptop.

I'm still left wondering why the heart is so popular in bandom, especially without an accompanying " 's" (e.g. Patrick ♥'s Pete.)

we | txtng? grmmr = sux?


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