I was going to get caught up on reading my flist yesterday, but got completely distracted by the lolcats quiz. I did it so many times I forget what I got first, possibly the Jesus Christ It's A Lion, Get In The Car! cat (though as a friend pointed out, that cat is more likely thinking "Jesus Christ I'm in a car, get me the fuck out!")

And now, I give you Tardis!cat:

im in ur tardis rehversin teh polaratiz ov ur nutron floz
We had a bit of excitement last night. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, I was all cruddy and overheated. I tried to get up and basically fell off the couch. Eventually I struggled up and stumbled into the bathroom to take a cold shower (managing to stub my toe along the way.) I remember sitting down against the wall in the bathroom and then, apparently, there was a thump and an "oof" sound from me. The boy looked in to check on me and I was, according to him, lying on the floor twitching with my eyes half-open. He tried to wake me up and I came around with no memory of the past minute or so (as is usual in these cases, I guess.) As I said to him, I think I passed out from "manly heatstroke." Though that seems kind of weird since it couldn't have been over 70 degrees inside. I was probably dehydrated though. A couple glasses of water and a cold wet washcloth and the new Doctor Who fixed me right up. Felt a bit shaky for a while, but I'm fine now. Though still a bit freaked out by the twitching thing. Yuck, twitching. Is that a sign of heatstroke? I should research.

I have been getting into Doctor Who rather a lot lately. Which inspired me to write this:

11 Signs of Oncoming Fannish Obsession:

1. I decide that I have to see all seasons or all related media.
2. I feel that I must see/read them in order (if it's books and I read the earlier ones a while ago, I must go back and read them all from the beginning.)
3. I begin to avoid spoilers (actually this is a two-stage process - when I am first becoming interested in the show, I will often seek out spoilers, but once I have become obsessed I usually avoid them.)
4. I start writing down quotes from the object of fannishness.
5. I start reading fanfiction for it.
6. I start bookmarking the fanfiction I read for it.
7. I download pictures of the actors.
8. I contemplate screencapping episodes and consider which shots would work best for icons.
9. I start jotting down ideas for fanfiction I could write for it.
10. I begin collecting music from the soundtrack and eventually make a mix cd of the music.

I've definitely got #1 for Doctor Who, but not yet #2. #4 started last week and I'm teetering on the edge of #5 (which is really the definitive step toward fannishness for me - if I start reading the fanfic and like it, there's no going back.) Yes on #8 and #10 as well. That makes four out of ten, which sounds about right. It makes me a little nervous actually, since I'm not sure I'm really ready for a new fandom and the attendant craziness that will ensue. Especially since it will probably pull me away from SGA fandom, which I still feel like I'm just getting a grip on. I'm a bit mono-fannish. Oh, and there's another possible sign-of-fannishness specific to Doctor Who, which is "I feel like speaking with a British accent all the time."

cut for Doctor Who (Nine and Ten) spoilers )


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