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( Oct. 4th, 2009 11:36 pm)
Totally random question: Who still uses one of the old Livejournal site schemes? I still use XColibur. How many years has it been since they changed it? I will probably never change.

Not-so-random question: People who write (fanfic), how do you write? Do you just get the urge and DO IT? Or do you schedule yourself writing time? Or do you sometimes just start writing and not stop except to eat, sleep and piss? Or do you get all excited about writing and then procrastinate and feed the internet instead?

Subject line refers to girl!cat. She is adorable and currently curled up in my lap. PREVENTING ME FROM TYPING FIC. But that is okay.
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( Mar. 21st, 2008 08:05 pm)
I struck today but it was hard. I think I probably use livejournal more than any other site at the moment...

Hypothetically there may be a new journalling system run by awesome folks coming - go do the poll. Especially if you're not in fandom. If anyone can do this, it's [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic, I think.

Also there is this project: [livejournal.com profile] elsejournal which looks to be a similar idea. It's not totally clear what's going on with it but the community maintainer is someone I have a lot of respect for.

Off to go dancing now!
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 08:59 am)
I am <-------------------------------------------this---------------------------------------> tired right now. Fucking paper that's not done. Also I am now into ANYONE/Patrick. Especially Frank, oh the hotness. Procrastination expands my horizons, it's a fact. Also the fact that there is not enough pete/patrick out there. By which I do not include chaptered fic. Ugh, I can't stand chaptered fic. If you know good ones, let me know because otherwise I will ignore them.

Have you all seeen this?

At this point we are working on a solution to enable existing LiveJournal users to create new Basic accounts as so many of you have requested. Nothing has been decided yet, but we are considering options which would allow existing users to continue to create new Basic accounts.

But no changes will be made until May, after they meet with the Advisory Board, apparently.

Content strike continues

I'm not fully convinced that it's going to do much, but I'm doing it in the spirit of solidarity and with the feeling that the more approaches we use, the better. So I'll be "on strike" from tonight midnight to Friday midnight GMT, or 5pm to 5pm my time. My general conclusion at the moment though is that LJ has a monopoly but it's a crumbling monopoly. As people begin using other sites, I expect a slew of helpful APIs to pop up and eventually someday we'll all find our way back together... or else we'll just be a big fannish diaspora. (Is there a word for reconvening after the exodus? Will we reclaim the homeland? Okay, sorry, getting sentimental.)

P.S. Who's up for IRC party Friday night yo?

ETA on the boy: So, I finally convinced him to go to the emergency room and an awesome friend was able to go with him, and it turns out he DOES have an ear infection, two in fact - one in each ear (is that unusual?) They prescribed penecillin and nasal spray, and painkillers and sudafed for the plane ride. Apparently one of his eardrums is perforated, which sounds HORRIBLE but apparently is not going to cause permanent damage... though it may scar (???). But he will still be able to come see me and the plane will be painful but not dangerous (hopefully.) And then I will sit on him and feed him soup until he smacks me upside the head.
Read this. I think I'm about to be done now. I don't want to leave because hey, convenient, but then I know that's what they're depending on. That we'll all bitch and complain and then sit on our blogs and keep bringing them in the revenue.

Or maybe they're not. It seeming more and more like they're trying to get rid of my queer, bisexual, bondage-loving, fanfiction-writing ass. Fuck you, SUP. This is personal now.

* * *

In "funny yet depressing" we have this quote from The Indypendent's article SXSW vs IVAW: The New York Times “Floods the Zone” (here) constrasting the NYT's coverage of the South by Southwest music festival with its coverage of the Winter Soldier Report, a conference that took place in Wash DC this weekend in which US veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations testified about their experiences...
Description of the special New York Times South By Southwest Blog (SXSW): “We’ll be writing about music, scenes and the strange things that happen when thousands of music fans wander a few blocks of Texas for long days and nights. Check in a few times a day–this is going to be fun.”

Description of the special New York Times Winter Soldier Blog: Oh, wait, there isn’t one.

Number of articles devoted to SXSW over five days: 35

Number of articles covering this weekend’s “Winter Solider” hearings held by the IVAW: 0
Best Line of SXSW Coverage: “I just missed Santogold, but seeing Spank Rock and 2 Live Crew on the same bill was like watching an apple fall not far from the tree.”

Best Line of “Winter Solider” Coverage: Er …
NYT, I kinda love you for talking about Spank Rock. But seriously. Your priorities, where are they?
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( Mar. 17th, 2008 12:25 am)
I'm celebrating... haha... by lifting a middle finger in SUP's direction.

SUP has been censoring the most popular interests page. In particular, they've been censoring interests such as homosexuality, bisexuality, sex, faeries, fanfiction, bondage and yaoi. Not to mention depression and pain. Reek of homophobia much?

Add the censored interests to your interests list and consider joining this comm.

Personally I'm considering whether livejournal is really worth this bullshit anymore.

No love, SUP. No love.
No. NO.

And I'd just been thinking that LJ hadn't fucked up in a while and maybe I'd get a paid account.

From here: Basic Account is an option available to accounts which were created before March 12, 2008. No account created after this date can be turned into a Basic Account.

But do they mention it in the latest news post? Naah. That'd be sily.

ETA: oh look, i do have thoughts other than F*** S*** F*** )

ETA2: I'm not sure if the change also goes for communities. Anyone have info on this?

ETA3: On who to complain to about this
I had a really wonderful dream that turned into a really craptastic nightmare this morning. Woke up at 6:30 and went for a run-walk to get it out of my head (run-walk b/c I was still tired and running is dizzy-making.) Which has somewhat helped but I still feel like if I go back to bed, I'll dream about it again. So, my coherency level is perhaps not at an all-time high right now. (Not that it ever is, as y'all probably have figured out.)

Rant about interest-tagging communities )
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 11:55 am)
I was just over in the Nanosystems building and noticed a sign in the hallway:

"These halls carry sound too efficiently. Please keep the amplitude of noises low."

Yes, I will do my best to decrease of height of any sound waves I produce!

So, I've been wondering why pretty much all of bandom uses the | symbol nonstop... and then in writing this post, I found out that actually that is how Firefox run on a Mac displays &hearts; (, the heart symbol.) There's a fix here (scroll down) but the problem with it is that you have to force all pages to display your chosen fonts to get it to work. So, you have hearts but everything else looks shitty.

If, however, you enclose the heart symbol code in "tt" tags (for typewriter text) like this - <tt>&hearts;</tt> (ETA: but without "amp" in there - it shouldn't be showing up. That's annoying) - anyone will be able to see it.

Though personally, I've gotten kind of fond of the | symbol.

... as in, Pete | Patrick

I think we should all start using it. It looks neat, it's easier to type, and there's a certain stupid fandom-ish pleasure to it. (I also could go off on a tangent here about how it is really cool because the vertical bar aka pipe is used in computing to symbolize inter-process communication, i.e. feeding your output back in as input... *cough* computer programmers, please forgive me...)

It's like the OTHER slash.... only instead of a slash, it's a pipe, which just means (for example) "Pete loves Patrick." (By the way, don't you love how I slipped the Pete/Patrick thing in all subtle-like?)

The pipe/vertical bar ( | ) does not, however, display exactly like the &hearts; symbol does... If you're not using a mac, it looks a little more like this (only slightly thicker):
│ (vs. | )
(Q for windows users: does that first line appear as a broken line for you?)
But sadly, the only way to get that symbol that I can find is to use the ascii code ALT 179, which it seems I can't do on my laptop.

I'm still left wondering why the heart is so popular in bandom, especially without an accompanying " 's" (e.g. Patrick ♥'s Pete.)

we | txtng? grmmr = sux?
The bearer of bad news says:

A few weeks ago, we told you about a new tool from Snap.com that provides visual previews on external links within your journal. Based on your positive response, we've enabled these graphics for Basic and Plus users. (Don't worry: If you already disabled the graphic previews, you will not have to do so again. Also, if you don't want to see graphic previews, you can easily disable them within your journal on the Viewing Options page under "Graphic previews.")

Yay. Bai-bai annoying thingies.
Meme: What do you really use LJ for?

If you have your browser set to remember and complete web addresses you type into the address bar (it's AutoComplete on IE and Firefox), then type in http://community.livejournal.com/ and list the first nine addresses that come up. (Don't include any community whose rules state that you should not discuss it in a public forum!) If a specific post comes up, just put the community address not the link to the post. Don't list the same community twice.

my list )

The Meme:

After creating the meme, I thought I would try to find out more about AutoComplete. It turns out that, according to Microsoft's help pages it is based on:

• Your Favorites and History folders
• The contents of the folder you specify for files or folders
• The contents of the left pane in Windows Explorer
• A list of your most recently typed addresses, commands, or AutoSearch queries, which are stored in the registry

I also found a more detailed article on AutoComplete, which says that it gets its information from:

* The data store, primarily. The data store draws from previously completed INPUT type=text fields. The contents of the AutoComplete box are retrieved from the values corresponding to the field name.
* The vCard schema. This schema is created from the values specified in the Profile Assistant.
* The Common Name list. This list is generated from commonly used INPUT type=text field names from popular Web sites, and is linked to the respective vCard schema."

From what I can tell (and I'm not a programmer) VCARD_NAME categorizes different types of information (e.g. name, email, phone number, business) and then supplies them in the appropriate place.

I think it's also interesting that it uses a list of a "Common Name list" - which seems to indicate that it's also getting information from somewhere other than just ones own computer.
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( Jun. 29th, 2006 03:06 pm)
Check out the new beta navigation system LJ is talking about launching and give 'em hell feedback. Myself, I think the organization is actually a lot better but the look and useability are crap.

It's been a while. Last week my car broke down while I was trying to get down to Boston, find a room, and go visit people (all within two days.) I ended up hitchhiking - which was a lot easier than I expected. The longest ride I got was with a band on a bus driving to play a show. They were very nice if a bit of a cliche and they dropped me off not five minutes walk from my friend's house. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately I found out on Sunday that my car needs a new engine... which may cost on the order of $2500. So, I guess I may get good at the hitchhiking thing. :-\

Things I've done this week:
- Moved into my new digs
- Got lost multiple times in the city at night
- Ate lots of Chinese food (including noodles with something in it that made my mouth numb - the hell?)
- Had my first class at summer school
- Got wireless internet working... and if I'd known it was as easy as flipping a switch on my computer, I'd have done it ages ago.
- Due to that last, downloaded a bunch of vids and porn (I watched gay porn! For the first time in my life! Except for that time at the gay club in Quebec but I was trying not to watch it cuz I was there with my cousin.)
- Capped Boa vs. Python and made some icons. Am I the only one who noticed the slash potential in BvP? There may be picspam later on...

Also, I'm pimping the Classificathon. If you're interested at all in Classical (Greco-Roman) mythology/languages/culture/whatnot, you might like this. It's a multifandom ficathon for fanfic inspired by or related to such. To paraphrase the mods: Want to read a fic modeled on Ovid's Metamorphoses? A fic wherein Jack and Teal'c have to decline nouns? Request it. Have the Doctor and Rose go back to ancient Rome, Atlantis's translators suddenly translate into solely ancient Greek, Jim and Blair go undercover at a high-school certamen, compare Fraser's life to Pandora's, anything that is classical works. (A couple people have also requested historical RPF, if you're into that.)

Sign-ups have been extended until Sunday, July 2nd, and fics are due August 15th. Come on, you know you want to!


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