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( Dec. 14th, 2009 09:16 am)
Glee Holiday Mix Exchange happening here! Deadline to sign up is tonight. :-)
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( Jun. 17th, 2009 05:32 pm)
Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

The boy quoted that this morning and and I heard "they still try to change the road you're on."

And I totally didn't realize it was from Stairway to Heaven. Ironically, he's the one who can't hear lyrics.

Random post is random.

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( Apr. 24th, 2009 02:55 am)
So, I was going to bed and then I found my new favorite band: GREEN GO! (Which makes me think of grey goo, but that's probably just me.)

Watch them rock the socks off an Ottawa house party (apparently only a couple people had ever heard them before):

(Stick with it until 1:34, okay?)

You can get their free 5-song remix project here.

P.S. If you're in Toronto (you know who you are!) and want to see them on the 30th, check this out.
The NYT has an article about Steampunk! This is the cover photo:
pretty )

SO sweet. Here's their myspace: The James Gang.
I downloaded like... 20 cds worth of music tonight. *music hangover* And then I went and saw La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) which is lovely and heartbreaking and bilingual and you should all go see it at the theater if you can.

*Looking at bandom picspam* I'm really glad that people like and are interested in the girlfriends of the bandboys. But it bothers me when the justification for not hating one of them is "she makes him happy." I see this ALL OVER. I get where it's coming from, because yeah, of course your first allegiance was to the person in the band. But I don't like the implication that she's just there to make the boy happy, that that is her function. And it raises the question -- if they break up and she's not making him happy anymore, are you going to go back to hating her? I don't think most (sane) people would actually do that, but that's what we're setting ourselves up for here.

I have a longer rant about how white boy fandom feels like it's all-pervasive and how frustrated I'm getting with that but I'll spare you all for now.
Hey, I think some of you saw [livejournal.com profile] lim's vid This is How It Works and liked the song she used in it -- On the Radio by Regina Spektor.

Well, Spektor did a concert last night and it's being webcast on All Songs Considered. Check it out:

Spektor's full performance from Washington, D.C. will be webcast in its entirety on NPR.org with All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. The concert will be archived later on the NPR Web site for anyone who misses the live show.

Eee!!! It's here!
This is a twist on the Letter Meme. Instead of coming up with ten items for a certain letter, you come up with five song titles for a certain letter and explain why you picked them. If interested then leave a comment. I'll give you a letter. You post this blurb in your journal along with your list.

[livejournal.com profile] delurker gave me the letter "I". Here's my list, with YSI links:

1) I Am A Scientist by The Dandy Warhols
I was *obsessed* with this song for months, right about the time I was getting into SGA so it will forever be associated with Rodney and Radek for me. It's a great song to be hyper to - or to make you hyper, in my case. It's got a lot of "woo woo"s, somewhat reminiscent of "Song 2" by Blur.
In me the scientist always stuck on always trying this. I try to live on science alone. Analysis and freaky sensitivity. We gotta live on science alone.

2) I'll Be That Girl by Barenaked Ladies
At first I liked this song because of the genderbendy-ness, but then I realized that's not really what it's about. It's about a guy (presumably) who wants a girl who completely ignores him. He proposes that if he was her, then she's be interested.
I'll be that girl, you would be right over. And if I were a field, you would be in clover. And if I were the sun, you would be in shadow. And if I had a gun, there'd be no tomorrow...

3) I Want You To Want Me by Letters to Cleo
From the "10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack; it's the song at the very end where they're playing on the roof of the school. It's a really up-beat song, with a bit of a punk feel.
Shine up my old brown shoes, I put on a brand new shirt, I get home early from work - if you say that you love me.

4) I'm Not a Fucking Drag Queen by Peter Outerbridge
If you haven't realized by now... I really like soundtracks. This song is from the movie "Better Than Chocolate," it's sung by the mtf character (played by Peter Outerbridge.) It's good to sing along with on those days when no one seems to get your gender!
I'll break your fucking leg, sir, and then I'll pirouette while I mend my transgender heart!

5) I Do It For Your Love by Paul Simon
Nice mellow song and one of my favorite "romantic" songs. It has a comfy feel.
Found a rug at an old junk shop. Brought it home to you. Along the way the colors ran, the orange bled the blue.


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