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( Feb. 8th, 2008 11:55 am)
I was just over in the Nanosystems building and noticed a sign in the hallway:

"These halls carry sound too efficiently. Please keep the amplitude of noises low."

Yes, I will do my best to decrease of height of any sound waves I produce!

So, I've been wondering why pretty much all of bandom uses the | symbol nonstop... and then in writing this post, I found out that actually that is how Firefox run on a Mac displays ♥ (, the heart symbol.) There's a fix here (scroll down) but the problem with it is that you have to force all pages to display your chosen fonts to get it to work. So, you have hearts but everything else looks shitty.

If, however, you enclose the heart symbol code in "tt" tags (for typewriter text) like this - <tt>&hearts;</tt> (ETA: but without "amp" in there - it shouldn't be showing up. That's annoying) - anyone will be able to see it.

Though personally, I've gotten kind of fond of the | symbol.

... as in, Pete | Patrick

I think we should all start using it. It looks neat, it's easier to type, and there's a certain stupid fandom-ish pleasure to it. (I also could go off on a tangent here about how it is really cool because the vertical bar aka pipe is used in computing to symbolize inter-process communication, i.e. feeding your output back in as input... *cough* computer programmers, please forgive me...)

It's like the OTHER slash.... only instead of a slash, it's a pipe, which just means (for example) "Pete loves Patrick." (By the way, don't you love how I slipped the Pete/Patrick thing in all subtle-like?)

The pipe/vertical bar ( | ) does not, however, display exactly like the &hearts; symbol does... If you're not using a mac, it looks a little more like this (only slightly thicker):
│ (vs. | )
(Q for windows users: does that first line appear as a broken line for you?)
But sadly, the only way to get that symbol that I can find is to use the ascii code ALT 179, which it seems I can't do on my laptop.

I'm still left wondering why the heart is so popular in bandom, especially without an accompanying " 's" (e.g. Patrick ♥'s Pete.)

we | txtng? grmmr = sux?
This is really cool: researchers are working on creating an actual cloaking device... "What you're trying to do is guide light around an object, but the art is to bend it such that it leaves the object in precisely the same way that it initially hits it. You have the illusion that there is nothing there." So. Goddamn. Cool.


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