I did not squee as much this time as over 4x01. But that line... you know which one... I'm still laughing about it. (Dear TPTB, it's not slash if they're DOING IT ON SCREEN!)

Shallow, Very Shallow, Commentary on SGA 4x02 )
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( Aug. 29th, 2006 12:27 am)
My parents got back today back from Svalbard (they saw polar bears!) and they brought me Norwegian candy called daim (pronounced "dime.") It's hard caramel covered in chocolate. Mmmm, so good.

So, I finally got to watch "Sateda" tonight. I don't have much commentary other than to say that I think rivier hit the nail on the head about what they're doing to Rodney, I liked reading hth's take on Ronon and implications for Ronon/John and Ronon/Rodney, and toft_froggy made some interesting points about who wins the "most fucked up" award, John or Rodney. I love commentary! And for Sateda tagfic, my favorite has to be Replay by khohen1. Apparently Kavan Smith was supposed to play the part of that major - this is a rewrite with him in that role and it's so, so much better.
Oh my GOD! I'm six minutes thirty-eight seconds into Irresistible and THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER. Sheppard hair jokes. Rodney trying to change the subject from Teyla's hot body. MARRIAGE PROPOSALS! *is ded*
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( Jul. 21st, 2006 08:24 am)
Lalala. I'm up early this morning. This is especially impressive because the boy is visiting and he ALWAYS wakes up much earlier than me. (It's so annoying!) It's strange too, because I was thinking last night that I hoped I could wake up early so I could check livejournal. (Obsessed, who, me?)

Last night we made pasta with artichoke hearts and watched Trinity and Instinct. I'm trying to catch him up so we can watch the new eps together (the whole living in different states thing makes this somewhat challenging.) He asked me what Trinity was about beforehand and I was like, well it's kind of the cornerstone of the McKay/Sheppard relationship. (He's well-versed in the slash, though I think left to his own devices he might ship Teyla/John. Or just Teyla/Teyla ;-) And then I said, wait, "cornerstone" sort of implies stability, right? Okay, maybe less cornerstone and more... large hole in the wall. Of course, then he was all WHAT? What's going to happen? I'm horrible with the almost-spoilery hints of doom...

I finally watched No Man's Land on Monday (jeez, how'd the week go by so quick?) so I'm a little late with the requisite "OMG SQUEE" post. Not a whole lot to say that hasn't been said, but basically (1) go Elizabeth with the kicking ass and taking names... SPOILERS RUIN LIVES. DON'T BECOME A VICTIM. ) (10) Yay, Atlantis is back! What more do you need, really? (Though... more Teyla next time, please?)
and... S3 PROMO PICS!!!

- OMG Elizabeth, WHEN DID YOU GET SO FUCKING HOT?! (says the mostly-gay boy) Will someone PLEASE give this woman a gun again?!?!!

- Though you and John both need to put some meat on those bones.

- Does JF dye his hair black for the promo pics?

- Rodney has learned the SEKRIT POWER of the BLACK T-SHIRT OF HOTNESS. But you can't see his nipples. *pouts*

- Dex has scary eyebrows. Which are strangely sexy.

- Carson, you still do nothing for me. But you are an island of bland in a sea of sexy, so it's okay.

- Do cargo pants (i.e. BDUs) count as a kink? Cuz. Yeah. Especially on Teyla and Rodney.

- I miss Ford.


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