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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:52 am)
I need to go home and go to bed, but first I'd like to gloat.


Because tonight I wrote about 1,900 words and finished a story! Blah blah it's only fanfic but still. It pleases me. And the secret to overcoming my procrastination? I asked someone to beta it. So, then I had to finish it! On the down side, this seems to be the only way I am able to get things done. But on the up side, it does work. (Oh man, I miss wrisomifu. WHY ARE YOU IN NOVEMBER WRISOMIFU? I WAS DED IN NOVEMBER!)

So, following from this, would anyone be willing to beta a Gwen/Morgana (fandom: Merlin) crack story, which will probably be about 5000 words? I'm hoping to submit it for thefuturequeen contest this week. (Along with a VID, ANOTHER FICLET, AND A WALLPAPER. Oh yeah, and half of my undergrad thesis. HAHA WHY AM I CRAZY?)

Also, I would like to gloat about the fact that I apparently have an AWESOME SINGING RANGE! My director is jealous of it.

Also also, last night we watched Persepolis the movie. I now have girlcrush on Marjane Satrapi. SO FUCKING TALENTED, OMG. PUNK IS NOT DED! *falls over*

Sorry about the caps abuse. I plead 2am.

NEW TAG: 2 am insanity!


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