Today was full of win in the important ways. But it was full of fail in all the unimportant ways. To wit:

- I missed the bus this morning. Twice.
- Then I got on the wrong bus. The bus that takes about 30 minutes longer to get to campus. And it didn't even go all the way - I had to take another bus to get there.
- After I left work... you guessed it... I missed the bus.
- At around 6pm, I realized my underwear was on backwards. *cough*

On the plus side, my professor called right after I first missed the bus and we had a good talk. And I discovered that I can actually get a lot done on a long bus ride. So, I may do that again (on purpose, though, I hope.)

I can't really think of any pluses about the underwear. I'm still confused about how I didn't *notice* before. (They were boxers, by the way. And they're still on backwards!)

Sorry I haven't been around like, at all... and my little time for internet has been spent on reading the-fanfiction-that-shall-not-be-named. I think I need RSS feeds for my f-list or something. Is there a way to do feeds for friends-only posts, though? Probably not.

P.S. Any of y'all who have voted so far, I owe you cake and porn. Hit me up. Any pairing/more-ing. HAHA. Insanity = :-)

P.P.S. Who's the guy (girl?) in Hedwig's Angry Inch, the bandmate who has a thing for Hedwig?! Or at least in the play, s/he did, I think...


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